SPORTS DREAMS2023Multi-Medium Arts Exhibition
Art Director & Producer

SPORTS DREAMS saw Tim Meakins and I create a sports mascot in 3D software and then build a full-size wearable version for the real world. The mascot experienced different situations and mediums, expressing its own coming-of-age tale of dreaming to become the world's best mascot.

The collection of works that included film, photography, painting, 3D renders, animation, furniture design, bootleg merchandise, and an original soundtrack.

Collaborations with Elly Sumner, Remington Matters, Lo-Fi, Good Company Records, Tim Fitzgerald, Ethan De Lacy, James Caswell, Caitlin McFeat, Isaac Diamond, Arrigo Brackenridge, e-Plume , Nora Zion, Guy Contact, Eilish Campbell, Visaya Hoffie, Edwin Sitt, Bradley Pinkerton, Joe’s Printing, Case Frames, Patrick O’Brien and Terry Meakins. Presented at Cheap Tounge, Fremantle. 

Artwork Documentation: Dan McCabe
Opening/Merch Documentation: Declan Young
Behind The Scenes: Ryan Sandilands

2023Arts Festival
Brand Designer & Strategist

Fremantle Biennale, titled 'Signals', featured an extensive brand and communications strategy aimed at enhancing local engagement and awareness of the festival. 

Collaborating with artists Tim Meakins and Simran Singh, the project developed a cohesive visual identity that manifested both physically and digitally. This strategy culminated in the concept of "painting the town blue," a response to findings from audience research which indicated a lack of local recognition for the Fremantle Biennale. This initiative sought to cultivate a sense of pride and ownership among the residents and businesses of Fremantle. Key elements of the branding included large-scale signage, a comprehensive digital presence including system integrations and a dedicated website, a distinctive tone of voice, a robust brand identity, and targeted marketing campaigns, all designed to transform the city's awareness and engagement with the arts festival.

Collaborator: Tim Meakins & Simran Singh
Documentation: Aaron Webber

PICA2020—2022Contemporary Arts Gallery
Art Director & Strategist

A brand refresh and website rebuild for the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), a leader in contemporary arts in Western Australia. A project completed in collaboration with Tim Meakins. 

Located in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre, PICA's project focused on enhancing internal wayfinding within its heritage-listed building and boosting audience engagement. The initiative featured dynamic partnerships with local talents such as Perth baker Natasha Brownfield, record label Good Company, and merchandisers Lo-Fi, enriching PICA's community engagement. 

By refining the visual identity, the team ensured that the brand effectively amplified the uniqueness of visual artists, theatre performers, sound designers, and contemporary dancers, thereby reinforcing PICA's standing at the forefront of contemporary arts in the region.

Collaborator: Tim Meakins
Documentation: Aaron Webber
Artist Photos: Duncan Wright/Ryan Sandilands

Art Director & Strategist

A comprehensive redesign and visual identity update for The Blue Room Theatre aimed to tailor its branding to accommodate three unique programs and spotlight local theatre artists. 

This project harnessed the power of photography as the primary narrative tool, collaborating with Duncan Wright to forge a distinct photographic style. This style created a cohesive visual thread across a plethora of theatrical shows, ranging widely in style throughout the year.

We seamlessly integrated this photographic identity into a full visual rebrand and website rebuild, designed to frame these diverse theatrical elements. The new branding encapsulated the zesty essence of The Blue Room Theatre, enhancing its dynamic presence in the local arts scene and ensuring that each aspect of the theatre's offerings was vividly and attractively presented to engage audiences and celebrate the creativity of local artists.

Collaborator: Tim Meakins & Simran Singh
Documentation: Duncan Wright